Derfuh Chemical Co., Ltd

 Paper Related Chemicals    Special Dyeing and Finishing Auxiliaries
   Special Synthetic Leather Treatment    Recycling Related Equipment and Chemicals
   Water Treament Chemicals    Speciality Chemcials

Derfuh Chemical Co., Ltd., established in 1987, mainly engages in manufacturing and wholesaling paper related chemicals, special dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, special synthetic leather treatment, recycling related equipment and chemicals, and chemicals tailored to customers’ needs.  For the quality purposes, our suppliers are mainly from Japan.  Our target markets are mainly located in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and China, further expanding to European and American Areas.

Decades of efforts, our business strategy is based on steadiness and consistency.  In order to meet with the market demand, Derfuh is gradually expanding and always innovating new products.  Derfuh also establishes a Research and Development Department for product development and improvement.  With abundant experience and outstanding customer service, we build a favorable business connection among upstream and downstream business partners.

Derfuh continually improves its quality and enhances our brand image.  We also maintain stable relationship and communication with customers, focusing on customers’ needs to provide appropriate products and services.  We believe that mutual benefit is the key to lasting relationship and generate prosperous growth together.